Required software

The Balmorel model is written in the GAMS modelling language. In order to run it, you must have the GAMS system. Gams will run on various operating systems, including Windows and Linux. GAMS is commercial software. If you don't have access to GAMS it can be ordered from the GAMS Development Corporation, where also a lot of GAMS relevant infomation may be found.  

Further you will need a solver, and this solver must be linked to GAMS.  For most parts of the model a linear programming (LP) solver will be appropriate; some more advanced features may require use of e.g., a mixed integer programming (MIP) solver. See further the Addons to the left.  Solvers may be open source or proprietary, the requirement is that GAMS can link to the solver.

Output may be handled through the MS Office 2007 tools. A combination of GAMS, MS Access, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint/MS Word provides a framework that makes it fairly easy to incorporate output from the model as charts and tables in presentations and reports.


Installing and Running the model

An introduction is found in the document  Balmorel - Getting Started.