Weiming Xiong: China Renewable Energy Optimization and Planning Model (REPO) and its Application, PhD thesis, Tsinghua University, 2016


  • High penetration renewable energy in power sector is the key solution to reach carbon peak before 2030 for China
  • Curtailment of renewable power brings great uncertainty to long-term investment
  • To achieve high RE penetration in power sector reform


  • Economic potential and its spatial distribution of renewable power ?
  • How to model the optimal pathway of renewable energy development ?
  • How generation cooperate with transmission to transport renewable energy ?
  • How other sectors cooperate with power sector to integrate renewable energy ?
  • How to achieve renewable energy with policy instruments ?

REPO(Renewable Electricity Planning and Operations)Model 

  • Bottom-up long-term capacity planning and operation model for power and CHP sectors ,least-cost solution for both sectors, generation& transmission capacity investment and operation from 2012 to 2050
  • Unit-commitment in long-term capacity model structure
  • High-resolution (0.5longitude*0.66 latitude), provincial transmission matrix
  • 57technologiesincludinggeneration,CHP,storage, ….
  • Based on Balmorel platform, Relaxed Mixed Integer LP problem in GAMS