Previous courses and training activities have been given by EA Energy Analysis and by DTU Management Science. They include i.a. introductory courses on Balmorel, training on scenario analysis with Balmorel, training of experts from the Estonian transmission system operator, training of experts from China Electric Power Research Insititute (CEPRI) and the Heilongjiang Electric Power Company, workshops at the Energy System Analysis Programme at Risø, international Balmorel user Group meeting, and Chinese Balmorel user Group meeting,



Balmorel introduction course for PhD students was held in 2019 at the Technical University of Denmark in Lyngby, and is expected to take place next year, probably in March and/or April. Please ask 'Contact' for further information if interested. 

Previous courses comprised six days of lectures, student presentations, discussions and assignments. More specifically the course will cover the following themes:
- Background and overview of Balmorel
- Balmorel and other models - how do we choose?
- Equations in Balmorel including slack variables
- Add-ons
- Options and aggregation
- Boundaries
- Policies
- Data structuring
- Error search
- Input and Output handling
- Version tracking