From this page you can download the most recent version of the Balmorel model.

For the software requirements and information on how to install and use the model please see Getting started section to the left.

 Download model and documentation:

  • Model (GAMS code with a workable data set): Balmorel 3.02 (6.5 MB zip-file). Here. - A revised version 3.03 is expected to be released soon.
  • The Balmorel Model Structure (technical documentation) (September 2016 (updated)  pdf-file).  Here.

The GAMS code is distributed under the ISC license.

Further background documentation (from the first release of the model in 2001)  may be found in the "Balmorel documentation" section in the menu.

Inquire for further details if you are interested.


Dear User

If you download the Balmorel model, we invite you to send us an email so that we are able to inform you of new model versions and add-ons when available.

Please send your email to Hans Ravn (see Contact).